Amped wireless extender not working login is a default domain that can be used to access and configure the settings of the amped wireless extender. once you are into amped wireless router settings page you can easily customize the wireless settings.

Sometimes, a user can encounter an amped wireless extender not working issue.

Steps you can try if you can’t setup amped extender

  1. You are not connected to the amped wireless device. Make sure that your computer is connected to the amped network if you want to complete an amped wireless extender setup.
  2. Amped firmware is not updated. Update the latest firmware of amped wireless extender.
  3. Afterthat,use default ip address instead of web address if your login page not opening.
  4. Then, amped extender is not configured properly. You can’t access amped extender if the settings are configured properly.
  5. Now, try to power cycle amped wireless extender.
  6. You can also reset the amped extender to its default settings.

How to set up and access the amped wireless router settings page.

    1. Now,Plug your amped extender into a power outlet.
  1. Next, connect your PC to amped extender wirelessly or with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  2. Navigate to login page.
  3. Provide the amped extender login details.
  4. You’ll enter into amped extender setup wizard. Choose your wifi home network.
  5. Then, enter your home network password and click ‘next’ option.
  6. If you have a dual-band router, select 5 Ghz network from the available list and click ‘next’
  7. Next, you need to change the wireless settings of your amped extender.
  8. Then, click ‘Save’
  9. Then, enter the desired SSID and password for your amped network.
  10. Next, you can use your device to connect to the extended network.
  11. Finally, click ‘Finish’ to apply the settings.

This blog will resolve amped wireless extender not working issue. If you still can’t set up the amped extender, you can contact our technicians and they will help you with it.4