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How to Setup Amped Wireless RTA1750 Router?

Amped RTA1750 Wi-Fi router provides unmatched wifi coverage all across your place. The router comes with enough bandwidth to handle high-level activities on multiple devices. Complete the Amped wireless RTA1750 router setup to make your Wi-Fi network like you have never seen before. You can experience Wi-Fi coverage throughout your place by setting up an amped wireless router using web domain setup.ampedwireless.com
Setup.ampedwireless.com is a local web address that is used to configure Amped wireless devices. It allows you to log in to the web-interface of the amped RTA1750 wireless router. Jump to the following steps to know how to setup wireless RTA1750 router.

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How to setup Amped wireless RTA1750 router?

The following steps will help you with the Amped wireless RTA1750 router setup. Follow the steps carefully to avoid any kind of issue.

Making the hardware connection

Your first task should be to make an accurate hardware connection with your Amped router. You can begin by unplugging and disconnecting your modem from the currently connected devices. Next, you need to connect your amped router to the power supply. Once it is powered ON, establish a connection from your Amped router to the modem with an Ethernet cable.

Connecting the Amped wifi network

Next, you need to connect your Wi-Fi enabled device to the wifi network of the Amped router. For a wifi connection, you would require the default SSID and passkey of your Amped router. The default wifi credentials are printed on the product label of your amped router. If you want to use the wired connection, you can take the help of an Ethernet cable.

Opening the amped router login page

After getting connected to the amped wifi network, you need to open up an internet browser. On its address bar, type setup.ampedwireless.com web address. A login prompt will appear on the screen. You need to input login username and password of amped RTA1750 router. Press the ‘Login’ button.

Accessing the amped RTA1750 setup wizard

Once you’re logged into the router successfully, you will reach to the Amped RTA1750 setup wizard. It will allow you to customize the wireless and security settings of the amped router. You can change the admin login credentials of the Amped RTA1750 router. Save the settings after making all the changes.
Once all the settings are made, your amped AC1750 router will reboot to apply the changes. Now, you can connect the Wi-Fi enabled devices to the amped network.
These were the steps for Amped Wireless RTA1750 Router Setup using setup.ampedwireless.com. If you need more information, you can reach out to our team of experts by giving them a call on their toll-free number.

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