Amped Wireless Setup

Dual 2.4 GHz antennas

Powerful and high gain antennas provide Wi-Fi speeds across the walls and even at the dead zone areas of your place.

Long Range

Get the long range Wi-Fi from the latest Amped wireless routers. Beamforming technology provides direct signal to the device rather than in all directions.

Gigabit Ethernet ports

Connect devices via Ethernet cables (wired connection) and get ultra-Wi-Fi speed.

USB Storage Support

Attach storage device and share data with other computers on the network. Shared files can also be accessed remotely, over the internet using FTP client.

Amped wireless setup of all the routers

Amped routers built with the latest technology such as MIMO, beamforming. MIMO technology provides blazing internet to multiple devices at the same time and beamforming technology provides internet directly to the device rather than sending the signal equally in all directions. You can host storage devices with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 Ports available on almost all Amped routers. There are LED lights to let a user know about the status of the router. A user can turn them off by pressing the on/off button at the back of the router. You can put all the latest routers of Amped on the shelf as well as mount them on a wall. The Amped wireless setup of all the routers is easy and you can easily configure it by login to the dashboard by accessing The configurations include changing the network name and password, changing the wireless security, checking internet connection speed, setting parental controls, setup guest access, and much more.

LED lights in an Amped router have


When you plug the adapter into an electrical socket and supply power to the router then this LED light lit up.

Wired Ethernet ports

connect devices through a wire to this port then these LED lights lit up. Blinking of these lights indicate transmission or receiving of data.

Wireless activity

When data is transmitted or received on a wireless device through wireless network then this Led lit up.

Internet connection

Modem gets connected to the Amped router, this light lit up to show the status.

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

When WPS setup is activated then the light blinks.

Guide for Amped Wireless Router Setup

Amped wireless wifi extender setup - As easy as it gets not working? Get some troubleshooting tips

Learn how to reset the Amped range extender

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Amped wireless setup

Amped wireless setup and configuration is not at all that difficult and, our team is here to guide you through the login, setup, reset, and even for fixature of errors. But before that, we must say that you have made an amazing purchase by buying Amped wireless wifi range extender. 

The device’s high-power antenna’s amazing speed is not its real feature, but what makes it an amazing buy is its strength to extend the wifi network up to thousands of square kilometers. It depends upon the model you have bought. Even if you have the most basic model – the range will extend up to 6500 sq ft, and to the topmost model, the wifi range extends to up to 11,000 sq ft. The boost band technology of amped extender setup will aid your network to a disturbance-free notion.

setup amped wireless by using web address

In order to access the setup wizard of amped wireless range router, one must run the web address in the web browser, or they can also run the IP address in the search bar of their system’s browser. This link will help the user to access the basic web page of amped wireless setup. Before logging into the network – one must complete the placement and network setup of amped range extender by following the step given below–
  1. For the first step, make sure to keep the range extender and your home wifi router in the same room or in each other’s close proximity for easy placement. Later you can move as per your choice.
  2. Make sure your device, be it laptop or computer, be in the same room too.
  3. Once you have successfully completed the first two steps, and then plug in the amped wireless range extender to a power socket.
  4. Finally, connect your system to the range extender through an Ethernet cable or howsoever you want.
Amped Wireless Default Router Login and Password
  1. The network SSIDs came with the range extender either on the back labels of the extender or on the back of the box.
  2. In order to connect, open the wifi settings of your device.
  3. Now, search for the mentioned username on the label and enter the password accordingly.
  4. Once done, click on join and enter yourself into the network.
Further, leading to the login of the amped wireless range extender. I hope these steps are useful and you are following consequently.

How to login into amped wireless range extender?

Towards amped wireless range extender login, because one must log in before starting to configure or before starting to set up the wifi network settings through the extender. 

  1. Now you have been logged into the network of the amped range extender. 
  2. Then, make sure that your computer or laptop is not connected to any kind of internet, but only to the wireless range extender. 
  3. Now, open the search engine on the system for further steps. 
  4. Afterthat,Enter the web address in the browser.

Setup amped wireless Wi-Fi extender

  1. In case the above-given URL does not work. Feel free to use the IP address This is the default IP address for amped networking devices. 
  2. A welcome page of the setup wizard will pop up on your screen asking for the logins.
  3. Here we have to enter the defaults of the router. 
  4. So, enter admin in both fields. 
  5. For final, click the login button and enter the dashboard of your newly bought amped wireless range extender. 

Now you may access the setup wizard, update firmware, customize the settings as per you, and set the home wifi network on the extended bandwidths available to you through the amped range extender. 

Amped wireless extender not working

On the way to reset the amped wireless range extender, first, one must know when the extender is needed to put to its default factory settings. The major reason is mostly when the extender stops working, and there can be a number of small aspects to that. Try to be sure of the following reasons not to occur and if they are sorting them before hand – 


Cable connection

There are a number of times when there is a problem with cable connection, such as deteriorating condition because cables are delicate. Another probably can be loosened connection ports – so make sure to check that and plug the cable back in.


Ensure Power Supply

Sometimes, a proper power supply connection is not being maintained, and when it is not, then obviously, your amped wireless range extender won’t be in a working condition. Check that. 


Browser Issues

Delayed update on software is not the only browser issue; there are other more such as a browser with no compatibility with your extender, bulked-up cache, and cookie files. Clear them.


Delayed updates

There are two basic updates; one is the firmware update of your range extender, and the second is the update of the browser. Both of the things need a timely update whenever it arrives, and make sure not to delay that for next time. 

How to reset amped wireless extender?

In case the above-given measures come for your help, then resetting the device is the only option here. Follow the steps for a smooth resetting of your amped wireless range extender. 

  1. Check the amped range extender and try to locate the reset button. 
  2. Once you have found the reset button, press it. 
  3. Now,release the reset button when you see the change in behavior of the LED indicator. 
  4. This will make the device go on the reboot process, and your work here is done. 

Now when the device has been resettled to its factory settings, then turn it on. Once that is done, try accessing your amped wireless range extender login page through the web address

How to fix IP setting issue in the amped extender?

First of all, what is IP setting issue? – An IP setting issue a problem when the Ethernet does not have a valid IP addresses. Therefore, cannot amped wireless range extender connect to the internet. This is a commonly occurring issue and can be sorted. So, do not worry and follow our instructions –

  1. Restart the system; we know it’s conventional, but it’s effective. 
  1. Time to reset the network adapter by going to the Advanced Network Settings in your computer and going to network – first disable it and then enable it back again. 
  2. Go with the power cycle process by turning the router’s power off and back on again.
  3. Run troubleshooting on your network adapter. 
  4. Once done, make sure to reset the windows socket and, for the finale, update the software/ firmware of the amped wireless range adapter. 

We hope this write up to be of complete aid in logging in, setting up, and sorting the issues related to amped wireless range adapter. In case you still need some assistance then, our team is here to help you. Reach out to us 24×7 and 365 days. 


What are the default SSID/ credentials of

The default/credentials of are admin. The username is admin, and the password is also admin. 


How to resolve IP address issue on sr10000 amped rnage extender?

Restart the computer and reset the amped range extender sr10000. Update the firmware, if required.

What is the default IP to login Amped Wireless Range Extender?

 Default IP to login Amped Wireless Range Extender is

Why is not responding?

In case is not responding, use the IP address There are many possible reasons why is not responding, such as delayed updates, loose connection, etc. 

How do I change my Amped Wireless Extender Password?

The quick and easy way to change the password of Amped Wireless Extender is to log in to your amped extender web-based account. Go to settings, then management, and then to Password. Change your password from there. 

How to set up Amped Wireless Range Extender with WPS?

Just press the WPS button of your home router, and within two minutes, press the WPS button Amped Wireless Range Extender to connect Amped Wireless Range Extender by means of the WPS button. 

do I update the firmware of my Amped Wireless Extender?

Download the firmware from Amped website and download the firmware of your device’s compatibility and extract that zip file. Upload it to the device by logging in to the amped account. Avoid wireless means.

How many setup ways are there for Amped Wireless Range Extender?

There are two ways to set up or configure Amped Wireless Range Extender; one is through the WPS button, and the second is a web-based method. 

What is the range of Amped Wireless Range Extender?

Maximum Up to 12000 square feet and minimum up to 5000 sq ft, depending upon your device. 

Where should I place my Amped Wireless Range Extender?

Place your Amped Wireless Range Extender in between the home router and dead internet zones of your place, but make sure that the extender is catching the signals from your home router.