Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-N 600mW Range Extender SR10000 Setup

The Amped SR10000 high power extender is capable of extending wireless coverage of up to 10,000 square feet. It extends the range of your existing network and eliminates dead spots. You can connect additional wired networking devices with the Amped wireless setup SR10000. If you purchased this universal range extender from Amped, then the next thing you need to do is Amped wireless range extender setup.

Setting up the Amped wireless range extender is easy with the web-browser method. Either use or the Amped wireless IP address to access the extender’s interface. In this article, you will get step-by-step instructions to set up your Amped wireless device. 

Amped Wireless Setup SR10000 Instructions

  • Firstly, place the extender within the range of your home router for initial setup.
  • Plug the range extender into a power source, turn it on, and wait for the power LED to glow.
  • Navigate to your PC, click on the Wi-Fi to scan for the available networks.
  • You can see a new SSID with the Amped_<model name>. Connect to this network name by typing in the wireless password. 
  • Alternatively, you can use the Ethernet cable to connect the PC to the extender’s network. 
  • After you complete the initial setup, login to the Amped wireless range extender setup page through
  • If you fail to access the extender’s web dashboard using this address, use the Amped wireless IP address. For more queries, contact the Amped wireless support team. 

Login to the Amped wireless setup SR10000

  • Make sure the Ethernet cable is attached from the PC to the Amped extender.
  • Open a browser from the PC and type the Amped wireless IP address for connecting to the Amped wireless extender setup wizard.
  • Or, type to open the Amped extender login page.
  • Next, you will have to enter the default login credentials like the username and password. Click Login
  • Afterward, click on the Dashboard button.
  • Then click on the Scan to search for the available networks. Choose your Wi-Fi network from the network list that you want to extend. 
  • Connect to the network with the Wi-Fi password. Click Next. 
  • You can set up a new SSID and password under the Wireless Settings. Enter the security key for the selected network. Click Next.
  • Now, click on the Clone Settings if you want to use the same network ID and security key. 
  • Connect your devices to the new extended network. Finally, click on the Finish button to complete the setup and configuration process.


These were instructions to set up your Amped range extender. If you have trouble setting up your extender, you can contact the technical team on the helpline number. Get Amped wireless support from our technical executives to get your issues resolved.